Care Calculator


AARP offers information and resources to enhance the quality of life for all as we age, an area is Family Caregiving which can affect many people at different times in their life.




UX/UI Designer

AARP created a Long-Term Care Calculator to hope caregivers find information about the cost of care for their loved ones. AARP needed to improve the current experience. We started by understanding the pain points with the current Calculator and reviewed our findings. The calculator required the user to fill out multiple fields which they found difficult and felt overwhelmed. We created wireframes and low fidelity prototypes and conducted user testing on which concept displayed the information in a clear and understandable format.

We focused on a mobile-first approach. We introduced geo-specific search which removed the process of filling out information. We organized the information into two key areas Non-Residential and Residential. We introduced sliders that allowed the information that was being displayed to be adjusted to personalize the experience to their circumstance which introduced the feeling of a calculator.

  1. UX / UI Design

    User Research